Assigned Certifier

Since the introduction of BC(A)R 2014, ORS has had a dedicated Assigned Certifier team of experienced Chartered Engineers and has become a market leader in the role utilizing our bespoke cloud-based compliance software “CertBox”, to efficiently manage all projects. Under the regulations, the nominated Assigned Certifier must be a registered professional (Chartered Engineer, Chartered Building Surveyor or Registered Architect) with relevant experience and competency in complex construction projects.

As a full-service firm, the ORS Assigned Certifier Team has the support of experts in all areas of construction. In particular Fire Safety, Disability Access, Structural and Energy (Part L/NZEB) Standards.

The role of the Assigned Certifier is to inspect and coordinate the inspection of others during the works as well as ensuring that all Building Regulations considered at design stage have been implemented in the final constructed building or works.

The ORS methodology is based on regular and ongoing collation of documentation throughout the works. While bespoke tools track the information, the physical collation of the information also needs to be carried out by the Assigned Certifier team. Collaborative, secure access to CertBox can be provided that allows “connections” i.e. partners, client, contractors etc. direct web-based access to the project folders. It allows for direct upload of design information, inspection records, test results and certificates to their final storage location.

For further information about CertBox contact Gerard Fagan.  To see a snapshot of the CertBox structure and how it can benefit you, follow the sample link below

Assigned Certifier Projects