Center Parcs Longford Forest

The ORS Assigned Certifier team has worked on the country’s largest tourism project. The firm was the appointed Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier for the construction of the major commercial and tourist development in Co. Longford, Center Parcs. The project consisted of 466 timber frame lodges, 30 apartments, 22,000 m2 sub-tropical swimming paradise, aqua sana and numerous sport and retail facilities.

ORS as Design and Assigned Certifiers were involved early in the design and construction process of the pre-fabricated and composite units, many of which were assembled off-site. The team worked closely with the client, designers and main contractor on site to ensure full compliance with the Building Control Regulations was achieved within the tight project schedule. ORS co-ordinated benchmarking of many elements of the project, leading to higher quality and greater consistency throughout.