As experts in providing the PSDP role, we have the ability to influence safety on a project which ultimately lasts longer than just the construction timeframe. The safety conscious recommendations made by the PSDP and the decisions taken by the designers and client have the ability to impact the building users. Our aim is to minimise the potential safety risks which may arise during the operation of the site, or the property. We work with the design team to ensure that any recommendation made to the client and the design team takes account of the General Principles of Prevention. Therefore there is a duty on the design team to co-ordinate with the PSDP so there is a full understanding on the proposal for the project as the designs develop. It is not enough to appoint a PSDP before the issue of a tender or shortly before starting on site.  This approach leaves minimal time for a PSDP to make recommendations to reduce the safety implications during the life span of the building. The client has a duty to appointment in writing, before design work starts, of a competent and adequately resourced project supervisor for the design process (PSDP)”. We have developed our PSDP system to ensure your duties are fulfilled and in an efficient manner.