Why networking as professionals is still important during COVID-19

ORS continues to support Construction IT Alliance (CiTA) and the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

Quality and Learning. Two words we take much more seriously than just letters on a page. At ORS, we drive quality through many channels. Some of these are with the talented people we have working for us, innovative processes and infrastructure. We also stay at the forefront of industry news to adapt to change. Our involvement with leading professional networks within the construction sector has been an integral part of this constant professional development.

Many of our people lead busy professional lives and depend on an influx of important industry trends, new legislative rulings, and advances in technology.  Joining a professional network or association gives our teams the competitive advantage of being actively informed members of our industry. Our people have the opportunity to learn through these networks. It allows us to collaborate with peers outside of our own firm and build leadership skills through teamwork.

Through the COVID-19 crisis, staying connected has become even more important, even if in a different way.  Events will become virtual.  Networking is now done remotely. Staying in touch with our industry peers and remaining up-to-date with industry knowledge will help us through this.

ORS is delighted to continue to support and develop our relationship with two of Ireland’s most accredited professional networks within the construction industry, the Construction IT Alliance (CitA) and the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

Construction IT Alliance (CitA)

ORS has been a member of CitA for the past two years and is excited to continue this for 2020. CitA began in 2001, when it was established as a research project in Dublin Institute of Technology (now TUD) in association with the Waterford Institute of Technology. Its vision is to harness the potential of information and communications technology in the Irish construction industry.

CitA has had a positive impact on the construction sector since its existence.  From an education perspective, CitA has transmitted the latest information on technology trends through monthly events and annual conferences with experts in key areas.  These events have also provided important networking opportunities for the industry. Since 2008, CitA has provided training grants from Skillnet Ireland for Construction specific courses to industry professionals. An average of 300 trainees are trained each year, totalling approximately 3,300 trainees.

Irish Green Building Council

The Irish Green Building Council is looking to transform the Irish industry to sustainable practices through policy creation, education and provision of tools to measure and accelerate progress.  The IGBC is affiliated with the World Green Building Council as an established member. This is a network of over 75 national Green Building Councils worldwide with a total membership of over 27,000 of the most progressive international organisations and businesses making it the largest organisation globally influencing the green building market.

Our mission at ORS is to design and build a better world by delivering sustainable solutions for our customers and creating a supportive workplace for our people. We are proud to be a member of an organisation that shares our values and that is there to help guide us towards more sustainable practices.