ORS | Helping the legal sector with boundary disputes and mapping

As published in Business Plus, April 2019.

The importance of property surveys is more significant today than ever before. Using the latest GPS and total station technology, modern survey techniques are more accurate than both OSI mapping and scanned deed

ORS offers peace of mind to the legal profession, by committing to surveying all properties involved in a boundary dispute, or
simply if a property registration is required. With offices in the east and west of Ireland, ORS has nationwide reach. This allows our surveying teams to quickly respond to on-site queries from legal teams on specific issues.

ORS is an award-winning Irish multi-disciplinary building consultancy. For over 25 years, the firm has worked in partnership with solicitors and professional services firms. It is at the forefront of developments in the construction sector through ongoing up- skilling training for its people and tailoring services to meet the demands of clients.

ORS is ISO 9001 certified which represents the dedication to quality in the delivery of services. The firm holds the Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer Certification. This recognises excellent organisational practice in the area of professional development and receives the formal backing of the Department of Education and Skills.

ORS is part of a small group of professional organisations from semi-state companies, local authorities and other professional engineering practices that are certified under this scheme. The firm also has an office in London to serve international project funding agencies and projects managed by overseas contractors.