ORS appointed mentors by the SEAI for the Sustainable Energy Communities Network

ORS has been appointed by SEAI as Mentors to the Sustainable Energy Communities Network (SEC) for the Midlands Region.  We look forward to working closely with the Midland SEC groups in the coming years on this scheme.

SEAI have announced that they are hosting the next National SEC Network Event on Saturday the 26th of November from 10 am to 2 pm in the Backstage Theatre and GAA Club in Longford. The invite is open to all existing SECs and any other Communities interested in joining the Network so please encourage any interested parties to attend on the day.

The SEAI Energy Awards took place last Thursday (3rd November) and there is now a dedicated award for Communities, in which the Camphill Communities of Ireland won the award. This year the SEAI have made a number of videos of the various community submissions so these will be shared on the day of the event along with other presentations.

It will be a great networking event to meet other Communities interested in Sustainable Energy, to meet the Mentors for the Regions and SEAI representatives. SEAI and ORS would be delighted to see a big turnout of Community Representatives on the day, especially as this event is being held in the Midlands this year.