Healthy Homes and Healthy Buildings

There’s a school of thought… if our homes and buildings are healthy places, so too will be our planet. In other words, Climate Change starts at home.

This is the ethos behind a series of talks by ORS director Paul O’Reilly, about Health and Wellness in our buildings. According to Paul “if we can’t look after the health and wellness of our homes and businesses, how can we ever look after our planet?”.

Paul’s first seminar takes place today the 11th May at 9pm in Sonairte the National Ecology Centre, Laytown, Co. Meath. The first series of talks will focus primarily on the home.

With the emergence of new international building certification standards such as WELL and FITWELL, Paul’s later talks will focus on our buildings and the role these new certification standards can play in the health and wellbeing of our workplaces.

Paul has also recently contributed to an article in this month’s edition of Self Build & improve magazine, where he discusses the same issues and focusing on airtightness in buildings.