A new approach to mapping consultations for legal advisors in light of COVID-19

On all but very basic mapping projects, some back and forth consultations must take place between the surveyor/mapper and the legal advisor. This can be a timely process for each party.  In light of COVID-19, mapping expert with ORS, Neil Egerton, began using online meeting platforms as part his mapping work.  This has proven highly efficient in painting a clearer picture for the legal advisor without the need for in-person meetings.  According to Neil  “Thanks to ‘Screen Share’ technology, we can allow legal advisors to see our working drawings in real time and from the comfort of their own desk.”

Neil works with most of the top law firms in Ireland to help clarify complex mapping issues and present all legal mapping information in a concise way.  The information is very technical and needs to be easily understood. Neil and the team present this in the form of a clear plan or map (normally referred to as a ‘Composite Map’).  This process, dependant on the property and title, can be relatively simple or extremely complex.

Neil Egerton is a senior civil engineer in ORS, a prominent Irish multidisciplinary building consultancy.  Within the firm, Neil specialises in the highly technical area of mapping. He has established key relationships with Land Registry staff.  He  consults with them for direction in the event of mapping discrepancies that can occur from time to time, or when the resolution of a problem is not covered by Land Registry ‘Mapping Guidelines’.   He is highly regarded in the industry as a leading mapping expert.

Neil brings this level of skill to all ORS client work.  He and his team are known in the industry for their scrutiny through additional site checks and cross referencing the hard facts for clients.    This is highlighted in the approach he takes to mapping.  The process of producing up to date legal mapping varies greatly between the information available. It normally involves but is not limited to:

  • Review of legal documents in existence for the property.
  • Review of existing deed maps/drawings.
  • Review of any existing neighbouring registrations.
  • Liaising with the legal advisor.
  • Surveying the property boundaries as defined by the physical features on the ground.
  • Overlay exercise for surveyed boundaries versus deed maps.
  • Review and advice on any Easements that are present within the property or over other properties.
  • Issue of certified Land Registry compliant map.
  • Issue of report to accompany the map to highlight any points that the legal team may require knowledge of.
  • Sometimes, especially cases where the title to the property is complex, a Declaration of Identity will be issued with the map. In some instances a specific ‘Declaration Map’ will be issued, independent of the Land Registry map.

About Neil Egerton

With a career spanning over 15 years, Neil has honed his skills by working on site, learning ‘the tools’ of his trade and in the office on road design, planning and mapping. This makes for a perfect combination of skills.  It allows Neil to appreciate and understand both aspects of the process of producing modern digital Land Registry (PRA) maps.

His early career involved accurate setting out and surveying on large scale civil infrastructure projects in both the UK and Ireland. Working on high-profile rail and motorway developments, Neil’s accuracy was key to ensuring that these projects avoided additional costs.

Contact Neil Egerton at n.egerton@ors.ie