What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international standard, developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). It specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing and improving an energy management system. ISO 50001 is suitable for all businesses regardless of their size or industry but it is particularly effective if the business operates in an energy intensive industry or one that faces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions regulation or legislation.

The Process

Before embarking on ISO 50001, business owners and managers must firstly agree to commit to the process. Appointing a management representative is key to the success of the project. In summary, there are 4 steps to the ISO 50001 process:

  1. Identify: Establish a baseline by evaluating your current energy use and areas of consumption.
  2. Plan: Establish an action plan with key objectives and opportunities.
  3. Act: Implement the action plan with set deadlines and responsibilities for the energy team.
  4. Report: Report and review your success.

The Benefits

It is estimated by implementing ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard, organisations could have a positive impact of 60% on the world’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Specific benefits the standard offers the business include:

  • Significant reductions in energy use by understanding where, when and how energy is consumed.
  • Cost savings on energy bills.
  • Compliance with energy-related regulations.
  • Employee training, development and engagement.
  • Competitive advantage as a leader in energy management and performance.
  • Enhanced corporate image.

Enterprise Ireland Grant

Enterprise Ireland offers a Green Plus Grant to eligible Irish SMEs. Grant recipients benefit from funding of up to €35,000 to hire a consultant to implement ISO 50001 Energy Management System and provide training and consultancy services.

How We Can Help

ORS and CG Business Consulting will work in partnership with you in the delivery of your ISO 50001 Management System. We will guide you through the complex Enterprise Ireland grant application process. Through our combined skills, we work with clients to implement successful energy management systems and achieve certification for a variety of companies operating in a wide range of sectors.

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Contact Details

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CG Business Consulting Ltd
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Case Study – Imperial Tobacco

ORS was successful in achieving ISO 50001 certification for Imperial Tobacco (The International Standard for Energy Management Systems). While the motivation was to cut energy use, the additional benefits of the process included expanded production and increased output.

Every piece of equipment was reviewed to see how it was used and the timing of use in the manufacturing process. The review identified that better control of equipment was needed. This allowed for the identification of peak energy users. In particular, the large night energy loads were addressed. As a result of the analysis, some of the processes were altered significantly, such as delaying switching on equipment and operating sequencing changes.

The client required certification within a 6 month period. Generally, ISO 50001 could take in the region of 9 -12 months to implement. Using specialist Enerit technology software ORS fast tracked the ISO 50001 process to achieve the client’s target of implementation within a 6-month period. This resulted in the firm meeting their global targets and overall strategy for Ireland.

Using the Enerit technology software measures, coupled with more efficient equipment and behavior change programmes, enabled the site to cut its total energy use by a total of 22.5%.